Behind the name „Queer Center Göttingen“ lies a new initiative of several groups, consulting teams and Individuals within Göttingen.

With this project we want to create a place where everyone, who recognizes as ‘queer’ has the possibility to meet and connect with each other. A place for community and networking, consulting and education, political activism and culture. Such a place is already a reality in Hannover and Hamburg. Will it be one for Gottingen, too?
Also those, who don’t associate with the term queer, should have the opportunity to get to know us.

Getting interested?

In real terms, the Queer Center is supposed to be a space within the Göttingen city center that can be used by groups and individuals: events, speeches, discussions, movie- and party, spending leisure time and everyday life, jet also consulting and self-help in matters of personal health, coming-out and more. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans- and intergender people can not only organize, but celebrate and share their daily life – within their peer-group but also within the whole LGBT*QI-Community. A place for both serious topics and a place you don’t even need a reason to come to.

Do you want to help organizing and be part of the foundation?

Currently, about 20 people in 9 workgroups are working to make this center a reality: An overlooking control group and workgroups for concept, real estate, public relations, union founding, finances & departments, diversity- integration- & communication and several helping individuals. All interested persons are welcome to join us. We urgently need more people who can help – no matter how much energy and time they can offer.

We invite you to our next organizational meeting. To begin being a part within the group, contact us over the online form. Current events and meetings can be found in out calendar. We look forward to you!

The following groups are currently active within the team:

  • Face to Face Göttingen,
  • Göttinger AIDS-Hilfe,
  • LesBiSchwule Kulturtage,
  • Queer Teachers,
  • Queere Jugendgruppe
  • Trans Stammtisch,
  • Trans* Beratung

The idea to create such a center originally derived during the LesBiSchwulen Kulturtagen (Lesbian, Bi & Gay Days) 2015. About 50 people came to the first plenum on November 17th, which was open for everyone. 15 groups of the Göttingen community where present – a great response! The majority of attendees spoke out positively to the foundation and many recognized the advantages of such a center. In December an initial workshop was held at Akademie Waldschlösschen. There, an organizational team was created which decided necessary attributes of the center.

Together, we will find out what we want!

It needs to be in a central area of the city with ideally one big multi-purpose room and one to two smaller rooms for consulting and office work. Also a kitchen and bar to realize possible small gastronomical concepts. The center is to be financed by a union, public funds, corporate & private sponsors and own revenues such as membership fees and donations.

Right now we have just begun and have much to learn. Jet we have the will to move forward and we feel confidence in our idea! Different opinions and interests are part of the course. But within that, a small victory is already to be found: we did find us, and are willed to work together and steer the ship. Despite our very special situations in life – even under the queer umbrella, we are willing to work together because we share the same needs for recognition, health and community. This is what drives us. Will it drive you too?